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Developing an Interpretive Argument to Guide the Use of Portfolio-based Language Assessment in Beginning Adult English Language Literacy Classes

The purpose of this project is to examine the validity of the newly mandated Canadian Language Benchmark-based progress assessment in LINC entitled Portfolio-based Language Assessment (PBLA: Centre for Canadian Language Benchmarks [CCLB], 2019) from BELLs’ and their instructors’ perspectives. This project will fill key gaps in the literature as validity evidence to support the use of PBLA in LINC from BELLs’ perspectives is currently lacking.

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Do Immigrants who Land in Atlantic Canada With Family Stay?

Often overlooked in the analysis of immigrant retention is the role that family members play as anchors in a community. The need to understand the role of the family in the immigration experience is considered critical by service providers and researchers, however, little empirical work…

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Retenir au Canada les étudiants internationaux diplômés : comprendre les motivations et les facteurs décisionnels de rester

Durant cette dernière décennie, le nombre d’inscription d’étudiants internationaux dans des institutions d’éducation canadiennes a augmenté rapidement. Cela n’est pas surprenant au regard de l’engagement récent du gouvernement canadien d’augmenter le nombre d’étudiants internationaux faisant leurs études au Canada, et les politiques mises en place…

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