Role of the Settlement Sector and Not-for-Profits in Canada

Shifting funding priorities and changing immigrant profiles form the environment within which the settlement sector operates. Service providers are reimagining ways to remain relevant to newcomers and the communities they serve.  This theme will examine capacity building and innovation within the settlement sector.  It will look at promising practices for providing information and services to newcomers, including delivery models for Northern, rural, remote and new destination communities, and strategies for providing information and services to Francophone immigrants.  It will also look at whether settlement supports are a pull factor that shape the decisions of newcomers about where to settle in Canada.

Within this theme, topics to be addressed include:

  • The service needs of immigrants coming to Canada through new selection streams
  • The use of technology to provide services and information to immigrants
  • The effect of increased pre-arrival services and information on immigrant settlement and integration
  • The optimal provision of settlement services along a continuum from pre-arrival to in-Canada services
  • Effective strategies for delivering services in Northern, rural, and remote communities
  • How best to provide services to Francophone immigrants in communities with larger and smaller populations of Francophone newcomers
  • The role of immigrant-serving agencies in attracting newcomers and retaining them in particular geographic areas