Local Immigration Partnerships’ Promising Practices: Video Series

At the request of Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s Integration Branch, the Pathways to Prosperity has produced a series of short, informative videos showcasing promising practices by Local Immigration Partnerships (LIPs) in the following strategic areas:

  1. Coordinating Services: Bill Sinclair, Toronto South Quadrant LIP
  2. Engaging Employers: Alex Goss, Guelph-Wellington LIP and Don Curry, North Bay LIP
  3. Leveraging Resources: Audrey Andrews, Durham Region Local Diversity and Immigration Partnership
  4. Creating Welcoming Communities: Hindia Mohamoud, Ottawa LIP

The videos describe the goals and specifics of the LIP practices, discuss the challenges that were encountered, and the results that have been achieved. They are designed to share promising practices across LIPs and other place-based initiatives, and to suggest how other initiatives who are interested in similar goals might utilize the lessons learned. Thanks are due to the LIP coordinators who shared their expertise and time to allow this project to be undertaken. Thanks are also due to the CIC officials who worked with the P2P and provided useful advice and suggestions on the videos and their content. In addition, we thank CIC for funding the production of the videos.

The current video series is intended as a pilot to determine whether the series should be extended to other practices and whether the format is useful to its intended audience of practitioners and stakeholders. We would welcome your feedback and suggestions on these matters. Please write to P2P at: communications@p2pcanada.ca







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