Biographie et coordonnées

Tzu-I Chung

Position actuelle:   Curator of History

Affiliation institutionnelle:   Royal British Columbia Museum

Lieu:   Colombie-Britannique

Secteur:   Gouvernement
Intégration sociale et culturelle
Langues:   English


Dr. Tzu-I Chung is a cultural and social historian, broadly interested in transnational migration within the context of historical, cultural and economic interactions between North America. She was the recipient of Exemplary Diversity Scholar Award from the University of Michigan, 2009-2010, and John and Joan Walton Innovation Fund, 2013-2014. Her publications can be found in the academic journals such as the International Journal of Museum and Society, BC Studies: British Columbia Quarterly and books such as Aspects of Transnational and Indigenous Cultures and New Perspectives on the Gold Rush, as well as in public venues. She works closely with British Columbian communities to explore, preserve and share cultural histories in assisting with cultivating immigrant communities’ sense of belonging, inspiring community engagement, and preserving immigrant stories that connect our collective past, present, and future.