Biographie et coordonnées

Suzanne Huot

Position actuelle:   Assistant Professor

Affiliation institutionnelle:   University of British Columbia

Lieu:   Colombie-Britannique

Secteur:   Universitaire - professeur
Intégration sociale et culturelle
Langues:   French, English


Suzanne’s research program centres on the axes of occupation, immigration, and Francophone minority communities. Her research primarily addresses the occupational implications of international migration to Canada through focused, critical examination of governmental legislation, policies and discourses; of service providers and their roles; and of the experiences of individual immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers. Using research approaches informed by occupational science, critical social theory, and qualitative methodologies, she specifically examines ways in which governmental decisions and actions are experienced at the local scale in relation to people’s daily occupations, interrogating the effect of these high-level decisions on peoples’ social inclusion and civic engagement. Her ongoing research focuses on occupational justice and health equity issues newcomers confront within contemporary policy contexts as they navigate post-migratory transitions within their host communities.