Biographie et coordonnées


Ping Zou

Position actuelle:   Assistant Professor

Affiliation institutionnelle:   Nipissing University

Lieu:   Ontario

Secteur:   Universitaire - professeur
  • Intégration sociale et culturelle
  • Santé et bienêtre
  • Immigrants à risque

Langues:   English, Chinese


The purpose of Dr. Zou’s research is to develop culturally sensitive interventions to support Chinese Canadians managing their chronic illness in community. Supported by Queen Elizabeth II Graduate Scholarship in Science and Technology, Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario, and Canadian Council of Cardiovascular Nurses research grant, Dr. Zou designed and tested the Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension and Sodium Reduction for Chinese Canadian (DASHNa-CC), a dietary intervention incorporating Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat hypertension in Chinese Canadian community. Dr. Zou is currently working with professionals in nursing, nutrition science, Traditional Chinese Medicine, sociology, and information technology to furthur explore innovative and effective community interventions for chronic illness management. With working experiences in both China and Canada, and being fluent in both Chinese and English, Dr. Zou welcome international and interdisciplinary collaboration.