Biographie et coordonnées


Karun Karki

Position actuelle:   PhD (Candidate)

Affiliation institutionnelle:   Wilfrid Laurier University

Lieu:   Ontario

Secteur:   Universitaire - étudiant de cycles supérieurs ou postdoctorant
  • Établissement et livraison de services
  • Intégration économique
  • Intégration sociale et culturelle
  • Intégration politique et civique
  • Santé et bienêtre
  • Immigrants à risque
  • Travailleurs étrangers temporaires et étudiants internationaux

Langues:   Nepali, English, Hindi


I am currently a PhD candidate in the Faculty of Social Work at Wilfrid Laurier University, Ontario, Canada. I earned Master’s degree in Social Work from Southern Illinois University Carbondale, USA, Master’s degree in Sociology and English Literature from Tribhuvan University, Nepal.

My broad area of research interests include:
• Globalization, transnationality and international Social Work
• Socio-economic, cultural, and civic/political integration of immigrants
• Global race for knowledge, skilled immigrants and their implication for contemporary Western nation building
• Race and racism, Social Work with immigrants/refugees
• Immigrants/refugee experiences in smaller rural/urban communities
• Attraction, Retention, and Integration of Immigrants in Smaller Rural/Urban Communities
• Community development, community capacity building, community engagement

My primary research interest (also my doctoral dissertation) lies in the employment integration of skilled immigrants to the Canadian labour market, and particularly I am interested in the Deskilling experiences of minoritized immigrants in the Canadian labour market.