10th Annual Strangers in New Homelands’ Conference 2017

Canad Inns Destination Centre Polo Park
1405 St. Matthews Avenue Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
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MAIN CONFERENCE THEME: Placing Human Rights at the heart of immigration and refugee policies in Host Societies around the world?

Other presentations, workshops and discussions at the Conference will be around the following sub-themes:
Canada, 150 Years Later: Where Are We in Welcoming and Protecting Newcomers and Refugees?
Examining the Rise in xenophobia, Islamophobia and intolerance towards ethnic minorities in Western Societies
Pervasive Racism, Prejudice, Bias and Discrimination as impediments to successful integration of Newcomers in Host Societies
Challenges in Labour Market Integration for New Comers: Taking a critical look at the continuous deskilling and/or devaluating of professional credentials of newcomers
Exploring the roles of Human Service Professions in political dialogues, their participation in social activism and support of the agencies of newcomers in host societies
Examining the vital role of women in the socialization, resocialization and family stability of newcomers in the post-migration stage in new societies
Exploring the role of the Visual Arts, Culture and Media Expression in the lives of refugees in dealing with trauma while promoting Agency and Empowerment of newcomers in their new societies
Building and Encouraging Lasting Positive Relations among Indigenous Youth and Newcomer Youth in Host Societies.
Negotiating a Diversity of Identities for Empowerment and Inclusion: the inclusion of LGBTTQ’s as cultures that thrive and participate in diaspora;
Post-migration era and the role of parents/grandparents in family structures, family stability and sustainability in new Homelands

If you are interested in presenting a paper, workshop, panel discussion or poster presentation at this conference, please submit:
1. an abstract of no more than 250 words describing your paper, workshop or panel proposal.
2. a biographic description of yourself and any co-authors (no more than 10 lines) in Word format to:
Dr. Michael Baffoe
Conference Chair
500B Tier Building,
University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
R3T 2N2
Fax: 204-474-7594
Email: Michael.Baffoe@umanitoba.ca

Deadline for submitting abstracts: June 30, 2017